Genève : récolte de dons en nature jusqu’à ce soir pour la communauté sri lankaise

Des collectes sont actuellement organisées par la communauté sri lankaise de Genève, si vous souhaitez donner des habits, chaussures légères, matériel de premiers secours (ainsi qu’aspirine, panadol, calmants), draps, serviettes, articles de toilette, aliments non périssables tels que soupes en poudre ou en cube, et même des bougies. Les adresses à Genève figurent à la fin du texte (article en Anglais en lien). <b>Le délai pour la récolte est le mercredi 5 février</b>. Merci également de faire suivre ce message à ceux qui souhaitent contribuer.

Dear Friends,
 It is with great sadness that we have all learnt about the tragedy which struck Sri Lanka and other countries in South East Asia.
 We have decided with a group of Srilankans, Lets Travel in Geneva & Colombo, Mr Andrey Weber from Walchwil on behalf of Central Switzerland, Ceylon Tours in Colombo and the Srilankan Association in Geneva to appeal for the donation of emergency supplies, such as medical items, clothes, non perishable food and other essential items. A container of 3 tons will be made available to us and a transporter will be offering free transfer to Zürich and transport and logistical support will be organised by Ceylon Tours in the affected areas of Srilanka. We have requested Srilankan Airlines to transport the container free of charge as a humanitarian gesture.
 We humbly request those who are able to contribute to make available to us the following items, to reach our collection points latest on 05.01.2005.
 1. Medicinal items such as Asprin, Panadol and other pain relief tablets.
 2. Surgical Cotton, plastic medical gloves, bandages and face masks.
 3. Disinfectants and medicinal products to treat minor cuts and wounds.
 4. Clothes
 5. Light foot wear
 6. Sheets and blankets.
 7. Towels and toilet articles.
 8. Non persihable food items such as « Instant soups » in powder form or cubes.
 9. Clothes washing soap.
 We are not accepting cash donations but those who would like to contribute could do so by contacting the Sri Lankan Missîon in Geneva the Sri Lankan Association in Geneva or one of the persons mentioned below for various options.
 Collection points:
 1. Our office at 65 rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva, 7th floor. (please call before coming)
 2. Lets Travel. 3 rue de Berne, 1201 Geneva, 1st floor. (03-05.01 from 12h30 – 15h30)
 3. 22, Chemin Jacques-Attenville, 1218 Grand Saconnex. (please call 079 2613704 in advance)
 a) Upul Wannaku 078 600 33 58
 b) Nalindra Wannaku 076 319 00 94
 c) Udaya Gunawardena 079 768 64 78
 d) Monica Weerakkodige 079 754 22 68 or 022 340 06 38
 e) Cyril Wanakula 022732 22 83 or 079 405 17 18
 f) Vindya Herath 076 468 60 52
 f) Udaya Kunanayakam (any of the numbers mentioned below)
 g) Louis Siriwardena (022 731 82 82, co-ordinating efforts in Sri Lanka at
 We thank you once more sincerely in advance for your compassion and look forward for your support.

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